Diamond Brite products next to clear wine glass and white dinner plate.

Use less.
Clean more! New and Improved Diamond Brite
Gel and Packs.

With improved stain-removing power and an ultra-concentrated formula, Diamond Brite gives you sparkling-clean dishes in two forms that are powered by natural enzymes and are phosphate-free.


  • Diamond Brite’s improved formula removes a wider range of stains better than ever—including coffee and tea—all while protecting glass from etching and clouding.
  • Diamond Brite Packs are now more concentrated, and each bag includes 30 packs (10 more than before).
  • Diamond Brite Gel is super-concentrated, so you only need to fill one detergent dispenser halfway to clean a full load of dishes.

Whether you prefer detergent packs or gel, Diamond Brite has good news for everyone. Your favourite automatic dishwasher detergent just got even better! The improved formula is now more effective on a wider range of stains—including coffee and tea—and removes 24-hour stuck-on food!

But that doesn’t mean you have to use more to benefit from the improved cleaning power. In fact, if you’re using Diamond Brite Gel, you only have to fill one dispenser HALFWAY to get all the grease-cutting, baked-on-stain-removing power you need. And the new Diamond Brite Packs are over 15% smaller than before, and they now include 30 packs per bag—a whole month’s worth! It’s true what they say—good things do come in small packages.

Diamond Brite Gel and Packs are powered by two natural enzymes that break down and remove even the toughest stains. These enzymes melt the bonds that hold stains on your dishes, so you get a sparkling-clean without the abrasives that can etch and cloud your dishes, glasses, and fine china.

And like all EcoSense products, Diamond Brite never uses caustic chemicals, like chlorine bleach or phosphates, so your whole family can breathe easier and enjoy clean dishes without worrying about harmful residues on your dishes or in the environment.

No matter which form you choose, Diamond Brite makes doing the dishes safer, easier, and more affordable!

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