Meghan Dirk

Why I Switched to EcoSense.

Melaleuca customer Meghan Dirk shares her story about how EcoSense has helped lessen her family’s toxic load. Check out Meghan’s story.

Meghan Dirk lives in Blackfalds Alberta, Canada, and has been using EcoSense® products since March 2020. She's a huge fan of all things EcoSense and was kind enough to tell us some of her favourite things about the products. Here is a snippet from our interview with her:

Q: Why did you switch to EcoSense?

Meghan: I switched to EcoSense initially for the affordability. I was using a natural shower cleaner that cost me $34 a bottle. And it was at a time where we had to start hunkering down on our budget. I saw my friend's post about Tub & Tile Bathroom Cleaner™ and how affordable it was, and I thought, You know what? I'm going to give it a go. And I fell in love. It works even better than the shower cleaner I was using before and smells better too.

Q: Would you say Tub & Tile is your favourite product?

Meghan: Well, that's actually really tricky. I love them all, but if I were to say what my favourite product is, it's probably the laundry line. It's made the biggest difference in my family with our skin sensitivities. It's really made a difference in how clean our clothes are and how good they smell. I'm kind of a weird OCD laundry person, and the laundry products are not comparable to anything I've ever tried. It's truly my favourite product line.

Q: It's true! MelaPower® is one of our most popular products, and we have a host of awesome laundry additives. What is your favourite scent from the laundry line?

Meghan: I love Mountain Fresh—unless I am doing bedding, then I use Garden Lavender.

Q: EcoSense products can be used for so many things. Are there any really great EcoSense cleaning hacks you've discovered that you love to share with people?

Meghan: One of my favourite hacks is to use MelaMagic® to remove grease stains from my laundry. I don't know about you, but when I am folding my laundry fresh out of the dryer, and I see the dreaded grease stains that I didn't catch before I threw it in - you think you're are doomed, you think it's ruined, but it's not ruined. I have successfully applied undiluted MelaMagic to these grease stains, thrown the clothes back in the wash, and put them back in the dryer. The grease stains are gone. That is probably my biggest laundry hack ever.

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