Clear Power spray bottle being filled

For Eco-Friendly, Affordable Cleaners, Just Add (Your Own) Water!

When you use super-concentrated EcoSense® cleaners, you not only help reduce plastic waste, but you also get a lot more for your money. And all you have to do is add water!

You might be surprised to learn that national brand cleaners are mostly water! Windex® Original is 94% water. Method® All-Purpose Cleaner is 93% water. Lysol® All-Purpose Cleaner is 94% water. And Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Multi-Surface is 90% water!

And laundry detergents are no different. Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent is 81% water, and Seventh Generation® Laundry Detergent is 75% water.

By filling a larger bottle with excess water, it may look like you’re getting a lot for your money, but all you’re really doing is paying to ship excess water in a larger, wasteful bottle. By switching to EcoSense, you can save money AND reduce your impact on the environment.

Tough & Tender®

Add your own water

Tough & Tender 12x Super-Concentrate

Makes six 473 mL spray bottles (2.8 L)


Method® All-Purpose Cleaner

Spray Bottle containing 93% water

One 828 mL spray bottle

Clear Power®

Add your own water

Clear Power 12x Super-Concentrate

Makes six 473 mL spray bottles (2.8 L)


Windex® Original

Spray Bottle containing 94% water

One 680 mL spray bottle


Packaging and shipping excessive water is not only an expensive and wasteful endeavor, it’s also totally unnecessary. Melaleuca has been a pioneer in the effort to concentrate products for more than 30 years, and we continue to create ways to deliver the clean you deserve in a way that is not only affordable but eco-friendly.

How is EcoSense eco-friendly? By concentrating our products, less plastic is used in packaging. Less fuel is needed to transport the products. And fewer greenhouse gas emissions are released into the environment.

How is EcoSense affordable? Shipping water is very expensive. By adding it from the tap and reusing your spray bottles, your cost per use is dramatically reduced, saving you money.


Switching to EcoSense cleaners can save your family a lot of money every month. But your efforts also have a much bigger effect. Your little change is combined with the entire Melaleuca community to make a world of difference.

Did you know that by simply using MelaPower® instead of Seventh Generation, Melaleuca customers save 2.6 million gallons of water—every year! That’s almost over 21 million pounds of water - imagine how much that reduces greenhouse gas emissions in the shipping process!

And by simply switching to EcoSense, Melaleuca customers have saved enough plastic to make a tower of water bottles tall enough to reach the top of the Empire State Building—not just once but 30,000 times!


EcoSense is committed to helping you clean without compromise. That means providing you with products that deliver the results you demand, but that use safer, naturally derived ingredients that are not only gentler on your home and family, but gentler on the environment we live in. EcoSense is proud to help you protect the people and places you love the most.