Bottle of MelaPower Laundry Detergent with Pump surrounded by natural ingredients

Enzymes Make Cleaning Safer and More Effective

EcoSense® puts Mother Nature’s most efficient stain removers to work on your laundry and dishes for an incredible clean without abrasives or caustic chemicals!


  • • Found abundantly in nature, enzymes are highly effective at breaking down specific substances
  • • Enzymes naturally breakdown stains without harming your clothes or dishes
  • • Enzymes eliminate the need for harsh abrasives or caustic chemicals
  • • You get the clean you want with no harmful residues left on dishes or laundry
  • • Many Melaleuca products, including Diamond Brite and MelaPower®, are powered by natural enzymes

Enzymes are specialized proteins that are vital components of all living things. Plants, animals, and even our own bodies use enzymes. They are necessary for plant photosynthesis as well as for the digestion of food.

Enyzmes are responsible for breaking down or building molecules, and each enzyme only reacts to very specific substances. This makes them highly desirable in cleaning because they can break down specific things such as starches or proteins, but they do not affect anything else.


Traditionally, laundry detergents have relied on caustic chemicals like bleach to remove stains. And while their brute chemical force can be effective, it can also damage fabrics and can be very dangerous to children and pets.

By utilizing enzymes, MelaPower is transformed into a powerhouse stain remover without having to resort to caustic chemicals. Not only does your laundry get cleaned effectively but your clothes look newer and you never have to worry about what you’re washing down the drain.


By using enzymes in Diamond Brite, the need for abrasive cleaners and bleach is eliminated. The result is a formula that is incredibly effective at removing a wide range of stuck-on foods and preventing stains on dishes. Your dishes and glasses are protected from the etching and clouding caused by abrasive cleaners. And you never have to worry about harmful residues being left on your dishes.


Because enzymes only react to specific substances, multiple enzymes are required to deliver optimal stain removal. Following is a list of the enzymes we use in MelaPower and Diamond Brite, along with examples of where these enzymes can be found in nature.

Protease: Naturally found in oyster mushrooms, papaya, and pineapple, this enzyme is highly effective at breaking down proteins. In MelaPower, it effectively removes blood, dairy, and grass stains. In Diamond Brite, it easily removes eggs, cheese, dairy, and meat from dishes.

Amylase: Naturally found in barley, rice, and soybeans, this enzyme is an expert at breaking down stubborn starches. In MelaPower, it effectively removes stains from things like gravy, ketchup, and baby food. In Diamond Brite, it removes caked-on oatmeal or potatoes as well as sauces and gravy.

Cellulase: Naturally found in plants, this enzyme doesn’t remove stains, but it helps ensure stains aren’t redeposited on your clothes during the wash and it removes fuzzies that attract and hold dirt. In MelaPower, it is a natural bleach alternative that is also highly effective at reducing pilling on clothes and preventing the greying of fabrics.

Mannanase: This enzyme is highly effective at breaking down sugars. It’s naturally found in periwinkle snails, which use mannanase to break down sugars in the seaweed they consumes (NOTE: we do not source our mannanase from periwinkle snails; we just take our inspiration from how they use it). In MelaPower, it targets stains left behind from many processed foods and personal care products, such as barbecue sauce, chocolate, salad dressing, ice cream, pudding, and body lotion.

Pectate Lyase: Naturally found in pears, apples, and guava, this enzyme targets the pectin in the cell walls of many fruits. In MelaPower, it effectively eliminates those stubborn, sticky jam and fruit stains.


Enzymes are just one of the ingredients EcoSense products use to ensure that you never have to sacrifice safety to keep your home and family clean. Enzymes deliver incredible results without the risks associated with chlorine bleach or other caustic chemicals. And you never have to worry about harsh fumes or harmful residues being left behind.