EcoSense Laundry 101.

Learn the best way to use the entire EcoSense laundry lineup to get the cleanest, freshest laundry!


  • • Pretreat major stains so they aren’t permanently set into the fabric.
  • • Don’t use more detergent than you need! Using too much can damage your clothes and actually diminishes the detergent's ability to get your clothes clean.
  • • Most additives can be added to your wash at the same time (and in the same dispenser) as your laundry detergent. Just make sure you put fabric softener into the “fabric softener” dispenser, or add it during the final rinse cycle.

You've done it for years, but there is more to it than you think. Laundry is one of those chores that seems self-explanatory—until you get into the nitty-gritty of it. For example, putting laundry detergent and softener into the same dispenser can negate the potency of both products. And using too much laundry detergent can sometimes CREATE stains on your clothes. We’re here to help! This quick laundry guide should dispel some myths or help you break some bad laundry habits you may not have known you have!

Pretreat major stains like grass, food spills, oil, juice, makeup, or excessive dirt with PreSpot™ Laundry Stain Remover.
If you don't pretreat big stains, they can be permanently set into fabric when you launder them. Apply PreSpot Laundry Stain Remover or PreSpot Gel directly to the stain—preferably soon after the stain appears. Work the solution into the stain with a scrub brush or sturdy cloth. Then wash your stained item as you normally would (washing doesn't have to be done right away; simply whenever you run your next load). Use PreSpot Instant Stain Remover to treat smaller stains on the go!

Add 1 pump or 10 mL of MelaPower® 9x Laundry Detergent to your washer's detergent dispenser.
If you don't have a dispenser, add MelaPower to the top of your laundry in the washer—but try not to put your detergent all in one place (spread it out as you pump it in). Avoid using too much detergent! One pump is enough for most loads. If you have a large load that's extra dirty, use two pumps, but no more! MelaPower has different formulas for high-efficiency (HE) washers and standard washers. Make sure you're using the formula that's right for your machine. Most modern washers are HE machines and require less water to wash laundry. They typically have an “HE” symbol on the control panel or detergent dispenser or another visible place. Standard washing machines do not have this symbol, are ordinarily top-load machines, and generally have a large agitator in the middle of the drum.

If desired, include laundry additives, and make sure to add them at the right time!

EcoSense offers plenty of options to brighten, whiten, deodorize, and soften your laundry. Take your pick:

MelaBrite® 9x Colour Booster: Use this to preserve the vibrancy of coloured fabrics. Add one pump to the detergent dispenser along with MelaPower. If you don't have a detergent dispenser, slowly pour it on top of your wash in a circular motion.

MelaBrite Plus Oxi Whitener and Deodorizer: Use this to clean white fabrics OR to deodorize stinky fabrics of any colour. Toss one pack into the washer, then add laundry on top.

MelaBoost™ Fragrance Booster: Use this to add long-lasting fragrance to your laundry. Add three or more pumps to the detergent dispenser along with MelaPower and MelaBrite. If you don't have a detergent dispenser, slowly pour it on top of your wash in a circular motion.

MelaSoft® 9x Fabric Softener: Use this to soften any colour of fabric. Adding detergent and softener to the wash at the same time, or into the same dispenser, can negate the potency of both products, so be sure to keep them separate! Add MelaSoft to the ”fabric softener" dispenser in your washer. If your washer doesn't have a softener dispenser, add MelaSoft to your wash during the final rinse cycle after the detergent has already been rinsed away.

Voilà! You're a pro now! Share this with anyone you think could use some help doing their laundry (like your teenager).